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Convair B-36 San Diego Ca.

The Convair B-36D Peacemaker

In early November of 2008, Captain Ray Arntz, Gay Fabian and I had motored down to San Diego California in search for a Convair B-36D Bomber Aircraft which had crashed on Aug. 5th 1952. Efforts had had been made by our team to locate this plane several years earlier. but without vail. Other divers had claimed that they had rediscovered the wreckage but none had produce any evidence other that some video of a rocky reef structure with some sort of metallic debris within it. None of which looked as though it was part of any aircraft.

sidescan_350B-36 Side Scan image
After arriving to the site, a side scan sonar was lowered into the water. Immediately, images of what appeared to be airplane wreckage scattered about the sea floor were seen. After running several sonar scanning passes throughout the day, a low light video camera was deployed from the boat. This drop camera footage immediately produced recognizable images. Below are some of those images.

B-36 cockpit canopyB36PropellerBlade
B-36 tireB-36 Prop Hub

Kendall Raine and I are two of the divers in our research team. Because I had been recovering from a recent injury to one of my arms, we would have to sit quietly and return another day to dive and gather further documentation of what laid below.


In late December of 2009, Captain Ray organized a new expedition and we had returned to the site. Along with him was renowned aviation archaeologist, Pat Macha. On this day, Kendall and I would execute our first jump onto the target. Immediately we saw apparent plan wreckage strewn about. The site was a scattered mess. Together we scoured the bottom looking for recognizable objects that could be captured on video tape. After the dive, countless hours were spent picking recognizable components out of the video footage that could be identified as parts of a Convair B-36D Peacemaker.

B-36 sighting blisterB-36 Tire
B-36 Main landing gearB-36 20mm Guns

We were pretty happy to finally nail this target. Pat was pretty excited too. There was no doubt that this was the plane we had been looking for.

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