Walker Underwater

A wet 1st quarter of 2009

Several storms in the last couple of months have left Southern California a bit wet and rain runoff has lowered the visibility at our local beaches. Compared to many other places around the world, So. Cal. gets very little precipitation, averaging only about 13 inches. And when it does rain, many of us don't know what to do with our selves. For me, this has provided lots of time to edit video footage that's been put off for a while.


In between rain's, the diving at Laguna Beach was fair. It was a shame to see a commercial lobster trap on the north side of splash rock in Divers Cove. Divers Cove is a marine refuge. Hunting and collecting are prohibited from divers entering via the beach. This provides a near pristine location to interact with aquatic animals. This was yet another selfish act by a commercial fisherman who has no respect for the preservation of marine life and the divers who enjoy this marine preserve. In the trap was one dead medium sized sand bass and no lobster. It is typical of these fisherman to unintentional capture and kill many species that they will later toss back into the water once the traps are retrieved.

Divers cove
lobster trapBat ray

I've been working on a video project with the hopes it can be used to educate people on the development and history of the caves in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Intentions were to enter it in a scuba film festival but the deadline is coming soon and I doubt it will be ready. I am still looking for an actor to play the part of a cave man (paleo indian) for one of the segments. Any offers would be appreciated.

video boom

It's time! My orthopedic surgeon said I was good to go back to work. Oh boy ! Rebuilding elevators is a fairly physical job that requires lot's of strenuous activities, like climbing and heavy lifting. I'll need to be extremely careful for a while, not to re-rupture the bicep that he had repaired. After five months away from the job, I'm sure it's going to require some re-acclimation to get back into the swing of things.

I would like to throw out a special thanks to the physical therapy staff at CPRx in Los Alamitos, CA. They did a supurb job at rehabilitating me and I would suggest them to anyone in need. I have also made quit a few new freinds there too.


Back to work.
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