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John Walker

Welcome to my blog,

Although I have been connected to the dive industry in one way or another for the last 25 years, I make a full time living as an Elevator Constructor for IUEC Local 18 out of Los Angeles California. Diving has become a part time hobby since I retired from teaching scuba diving after 20 years. These days I find myself becoming more and more involved in underwater videography. I've continued to partake in unique underwater projects and hope to share some of these with you in this blog.

cave john

On Oct. 2nd of 2008 I had an unfortunate accident at work, injuring my left arm while helping to lift a heavy piece of equipment up a stairwell at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, in California. The bicep muscle had became completely detached from the radius bone. I have been out of work for several months and bored to death. In the mean time I decided to start this blog while I recoup.

torn bicep elevator constructor local 18 torn bicep torn bicep muscle

Diving has been a life long passion for me. I find that sharing dive adventures thru videography and stories to be some clean fun entertainment. My hope for this site is to provide a source of useful information and entertainment in several forms including stories, pictures, video's and other resourceful links.

 John Walker exploring an underwater cave
When I'm not injured, this is what I call fun. Yucatan cave diving with friends. This photo was taken by Bill Reals

This site is NOT intended to teach anyone how they should dive. It is simply reflecting on what I have done and continue to do and is my opinion only. Proper dive training should be gained before attempting anything involving the use of a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA).